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Friday, September 30, 2005


I can't believe I didn't blog yesterday! I'm so sorry! I couldn't, though. I accidentally cut all my fingers with my safety knife at work. Whoops! I didn't even notice, because the knife was so dull. When i poured the celery into the soup, I saw that it was all bloody, and I was all like, "I know that's not my blood! LOL!" I actually said LOL! LOL! But yeah, it was my blood, so I went to the infirmary and got ten band aids, one for each finger.

I tried to blog, but it hurt my fingers when I tried to type. Today it feels better, though. I keep making friends on other blogs! You should make friends with them, too. Rycrisp has a blog called snv. It's really funny. He likes football :P. And there's a girl named Emily who comments on his blog. Her blog is called odd vitamins. That's a weird name. I don't think she likes me very much- she tried to pick a fight with me. Maybe she didn't know I was in prison?

Rob Version 1.0 is a robot, and he has a blog, too. I like it, but I don't understand how robots can have blogs? Maybe robots have computers for brains, and a computer can probably make a blog? CONFUSED! I think my new favorite blog is princess pony party amazing. It looks a lot like mine, only it's run by a couple of Rock N' Roll attorneys, and one of them is in the Archies. Sugar, Sugar is, like, my favortie song ever! Every time I had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's, I asked the band to play Sugar, Sugar, and they never did, but I didn't care, because I just put my fingers in my ears and hummed Sugar, Sugar, so it looked like they were singing it.

I think I'll blog twice today, so you don't get mad at me for not blogging yesterday! Yeah! Blog!


At 1:55 PM, Blogger VicKi said...

well since no one comment u on this page ill be the first. shorty i tried to add u as my friend on my space but u neva said anything n fuck that bitch who tried to start shit with u she is just mad because she aint you holla


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